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What if a fun story takes place in Heaven, on Earth, between Earth & Hell, and in Hell? And can Lucifer actually be given
Love medication to somehow reconcile his hatred for God? And
what if you had to give a recommendation to God? So the truth
is, if you want to read just a fun, humorous story strictly for
entertainment, one that is not at all biblically, or in any other
way religiously correct, then this short novel is the one for you,
especially if you want a better connection with, and with what it
perhaps feels like to be in, Heaven.

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Ron N. Wallace
The Writer

In the intriguing novel You Can't Sleep in Restaurants, readers meet David Fun England, an interesting young man who has just met the girl of his dreams.

There's just one problem the medication regulating David's schizoaffective- schizophrenia leaves him lethargic. So, David decides to go off his meds in order to brighten up his personality and win her. He also reasons that since he is so "creative" off-pills, he will finally be able to write his million dollar novel!

The sometimes raucous and humorous turn of events which follow, provide poignant insight into the mind of a person struggling to master far too much thought. The learning curve involved in accepting the need to stay on one's "meds" will provide hope and encouragement to those who struggle, and comfort to those who sometimes must painfully watch.

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Ron N. Wallace
Fiction Writer

"17! Halloween 1971"
by Ron N. Wallace

David Fun England's quest to be successful this Halloween 1971 weekend, when he's 17 and in high school is "a fun trip!"

As a role model for teenagers today, England is the kind of kid parents and teachers especially appreciate. Humorous in places, the problem is he wants to experience the fun of being 17 forever!

"If Catcher In The Rye were set in 1971, it would have been 17! Halloween 1971 . . . . A coming of age novel, for those who miss the 70's."
-Andy Whelchel, President The National Writers Association Literary Agency

Losing his battle for success on all fronts, the story leads to a party and David into trouble, having to face his father. What happens from there is the result of his desire to be "a good student."

Johnny bolsters, "Don't wimp out on us now, England. You could use a good party!" Though you know there will be plenty of drinking and probably pot smoking as it's out in the middle of the lake, you figure, What the heck, it's safe. The cops don't bust the Lakequeen much.

"Okay, Roll!" you say, standing, taking the opportunity to come out of your boring self. You're lightened up, thinking, I've got to quit being like my square father. Just what is the main deal?

Other Novels by Ron N. Wallace

"This short, clever satire gives the reader humorous insight into the Presidency and its politics, all from a gopher point-of-view."

–Sandy Whelchel, Author, Executive Director of The National Writers Association

"Presidential candidate, Sheila England's vision is a hopeful and joyful one to save the United States. For example, Sheila encourages us, through the media, to without debt, consumer spend our way back to economic health at least on the little stuff. Like I did, you'll love this humorous escape, a story with new ideas, perspectives, and good feelings in the political realm."

–Jason Stewart/Librarian

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About the Novelist

Ron N. Wallace

Ron graduated from high school in the Class of 1972.

After two years at the University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill (where he discovered his love of writing in an Honors Fiction class), he transferred to Kalamazoo College, in Michigan, where he received a B.A. in English/Creative Writing in 1976.

Ron is a long time member of The National Writers Association.

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These delightful light fiction, fun to read novels, will make you feel better in these trying times!

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